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International opportunities already available in the post-pandemic world

27th April

Dan Topping

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If you thought the prospect of working abroad had vanished for good, think again!  For all the thought pieces suggesting that the office will soon be history and we will all be working remotely, we can confirm that the new normal will very much include office space, a certain amount of commuting and, yes, international vacancies to be filled.

In fact, even though travel is still limited, we are already matching candidates with clients offering overseas opportunities in a wide range of sectors.

What’s becoming clear is that the choice of location is more important to a candidate than ever before.  Because there’s no doubt that even in many highly technical roles,  the working week will become more flexible, there will be more opportunities to work away from site and, therefore, there will be more time for anyone moving country to absorb themselves in its culture.

Fortunately, the 2021 Quality of Life Index calculates the very best places to live right now.  Its scoring may appear rather too precise (!), but it certainly takes a full range of factors into consideration, from safety, healthcare, and pollution to the property price / income ratio and purchasing power.

So if you’re looking to work somewhere clean, green and aspirational, here, in reverse order, are the top five:

5. Spain (Quality of Life rating 164.48)

Its warm climate, wonderful cuisine and diverse culture are no secret; they are the reasons so many of us take holidays in Spain.  From a professional perspective, there are a wealth of engineering and software-development roles in Madrid.  Not to mention some great football teams.

4.  United States of America (166.98)

It’s no surprise that with a landmass twice the size of the EU, the USA offers a wealth of diverse opportunities in any sector you choose. From agricultural manufacturing in Iowa, manufacturing in Rust Belt, to the financial markets of San Francisco and New York, America has something for everyone.  Whether you prefer skiing or snorkelling, literature or litigation there’s never any need to leave the country.  And if you’re reading this, you don’t even need to learn a new language!

3. Germany (176.76)

Germany has one of the lowest cost of living ratings in Central Europe and a warmer climate than you might expect.  The scenery is stunning, there’s no speed limit on the autobahns and Berlin has become as diverse and culturally fascinating as any City on the planet.  We’re currently recruiting for a number of management level positions across the country.

2. Netherlands (183.31)

The Netherlands is renowned for offering a fantastic quality of life. With many of the same perks offered by Switzerland but a more competitive price of living, it’s wonderful for horticulturists and cyclists alike.  It’s an easily navigable country offering easy access across Northern Europe, but its different Cities have distinct cultural difference.  We have positions to fill from Amsterdam to Utrecht.

1. Switzerland (190.82)

From Europe’s flattest country to its most undulating, Switzerland has it all.  It’s safe, pollution levels are almost non-existent, it’s hot in summer and snowy every winter.  It may be expensive, but it offers outstanding quality of life.  We are recruiting for positions in beautiful Valais, home of the Matterhorn.

Despite its extraordinarily detailed marking system, the Quality of Life Index has its flaws and we’d make arguments for Japan, Belgium, Singapore and the UAE being great places to live and work. 

Meanwhile, our team is based in the UK, where we couldn’t be happier despite an Index of rating of just 158.99!

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