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We specialise in seven sectors and pride ourselves on our knowledge and insights into each. But we don’t build walls between them. Some of our best hires have been across industries, specialisms and continents. If you’re not sure where to start, we might be able to suggest something that gets you thinking in a new way.

Market Experts.

There’s a lot of talent out there, but finding the exact fit can be complex. Our innovative, tailored approach is designed to expedite the right person to your organization in terms of skill, ambition, motivation, and values.


“Agri is the oldest sector of them all, but it never stops evolving. The ‘circular-economy model’ is at the heart of change right now, and we are sourcing increasing numbers of sustainability-related roles. Digital Farming is another area that is changing the traditional industry dynamic.

We pride ourselves on our deep knowledge and technical understanding that stretches from commodity fertilizers and bio-stimulants to biotechnology and organic waste.

Our fertilizer network is second to none. We have the strongest relationships with experts throughout the market who help us freshen-up our technical insights. They also ensure we are perfectly placed to suggest the right candidates for the right roles.

Ultimately, this is Agri’s Age of Sustainability, and we’re delighted to be part of it!”

Rebecca Topping

Business Intelligence

“This is a fascinating sector where data, analytics, research and journalism collide. I pride myself on knowing the market inside out. In fact, we have reached the stage where many clients don’t simply ask us to source the best candidates, but also to provide insights into the entire hiring process.

We help businesses in Europe, Asia and the Americas balance their cultural nuances and strategic aims (including greater diversity) with the short-term tactical need to recruit a well-qualified person quickly.”

Klara Thornton


“We are fortunate to have developed long-standing relationships with clients and candidates across the specialty, commodity and industrial chemicals sector. That has meant understanding the full chemical lifecycle from raw materials to finished products used in a variety of applications.

We have placed senior people across continents in scientific, engineering, technical and commercial disciplines. Covid-related pressures on the global supply chain have created a growing requirement for senior people in procurement.

We pride ourselves on sourcing selective numbers of high quality candidates who tick every box, from their technical knowledge, cultural fit and their suitability for posts that are often based in relatively quiet out of town sites rather than city hubs. That's possible because we push ourselves to understand everything about a company and its culture, so much so that we begin to feel like an 'in-house' team!”

Natalie Worsley

Clean Energy

"We're at the forefront of the Clean Energy and Renewables sector, driving progress in an industry committed to saving the planet. Our focus encompasses roles that define the clean energy revolution.

In the evolving landscape of Clean Energy, we specialise in roles covering solar, wind, bioenergy, and emerging technologies. Our approach is about fostering key relationships with industry experts, connecting top-tier talent with organisations at the helm of innovation.

Digitalisation is reshaping the industry, and we stay ahead by matching professionals with roles that contribute to advancements in energy storage, energy production grid efficiency, and renewable infrastructure.

In this era of sustainable energy solutions, we take pride in actively contributing to the industry's growth. As recruiters, we are partners in propelling the Clean Energy and Renewables sector towards a more sustainable and resilient future."

George Lees


“The Construction industry serves as a crucial pillar of economic growth and infrastructure development globally.

We understand the problems our clients face in today’s rapidly changing world: the need for sustainable and environmentally conscious practices; labour shortages and skills gaps hindering project execution; the need for a shift in industry practices and worker skillsets to embrace technological advancements; regulatory complexities, safety concerns and budget constraints adding layers of complexity to project management and execution.

As a recruiter who comprehends the industry’s evolving landscape, I have developed a large network of candidates who are well-versed in sustainable construction practices and emerging technologies, who have a strong track record of compliance and safety awareness, along with a keen understanding of budget management and cost-effective strategies. My extensive recruitment experience enable me to not only identify, but also attract, top-tier talent who possess the specialised skills required for a variety of construction projects.

In uncertain economic times, the construction industry plays a pivotal role in shaping urban landscapes, improving living standards and fostering economic progress. It not only creates job opportunities directly, but also drives demand for raw materials, machinery and related services, therefore must be prioritised and supported.”

Jennifer Castle

Food & Nutrition

“Barely a month goes by without a significant innovation in the Food and Nutrition industry. Whether it’s pro-biotics, pre-biotics or functional ingredients, it’s impossible to place the right candidates without understanding the technical nuances and where they may lead.

So we don’t just research the people applying for roles in food and nutrition. We speak to experts, read research and debate the impact of new ideas on consumer demand.

Food and nutrition are two industries that have become interchangeable which also creates opportunities to recruit across them. It’s also important to understand that scientists tend not to proactively seek a move, so there is often a sales job to be done too!”

Jennifer Murphy

Investment Banking and M&A Advisory.

Investment banking and M&A advisory are complex and dynamic fields that require a unique set of skills and expertise.

We understand the importance of identifying and recruiting the best and brightest professionals who possess the expertise and acumen to drive success for their organisations. Our knowledge of the industry, its trends and challenges, and our global network of connections enable us to find the right fit for our clients, whether they are investment banks or boutique advisory firms, across all industry coverage groups.

Gemma Whiteside


“The demand for the best lawyers often outweighs supply. It’s a strictly hierarchical profession in which people often only move in one direction, which makes this an unusually candidate-driven sector. It’s often a challenge just to get the candidate talking, not least because they will often be perfectly placed to take-on any number of roles, leaving firms on the constant lookout for a unicorn.

After twelve years working with lawyers, I have an intimate knowledge of the tough questions that need to be asked and the reality of certain salary expectations. Recruiting a lawyer is rarely easy, but we have developed a great track record of knowing when the culture and potential of the firm and lawyer will make it work.”

Gemma Whiteside

Mining, Metals & Minerals

“It is one thing to have an insight into the mining of metals & minerals, it’s quite another to understand the industries they serve.

We offer a range of recruiting services for the industry, hiring specialists across all disciplines including, but not limited to exploration, operations, sales, engineers, HR, finance, up to Executive level positions.

We love the industry and the possibilities it presents globally. Finding unconventional candidates to succeed in new areas is where we are able to add ever greater value.”

Whether you are a small-scale mining operation or a large multinational corporation, we have the expertise and experience to help you find the right talent.

Megan Whitehurst

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Our aim is for you to think of us as a partner. We’ll ask difficult questions, think outside the box and share innovative ideas. We want you to recruit smarter, utilising our experience, thinking and data. Our aim isn’t just to hire someone, but to demonstrate the value in working together in partnership going forward.

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