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Why we decided to look a bit different.

10th May

Dan Topping

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We could have given this article a different sort of title. Something like ‘Check out our new website!’.  But we hope that what we’ve really done is much more significant than introducing some nice new colours and words.

As people we work with (or might work with at some point!), we assume you’d be wondering why, in the middle of a pandemic, at a time when the job market is changing like never before, we’d feel the need to spend time re-branding.

Well, the simple truth that we felt our old website wasn’t doing us justice.  It explained that we match candidates and clients.  That we are growing.  That we specialise in a number of sectors.  And that we’d love you to call.  Which was all well and good, but we sensed that if we’d removed the logo, you could have read through it without quite understanding what it is that makes us unique.

So we sat down and discussed what makes us love it so much here.  Why we feel Walker Lovell is so special.  And why our clients and candidates use us again and again.  We put all that in a list and tried to re-work our website to reflect those sentiments.

As you can imagine, the list grew and grew.  It began with our being a family business, understanding what a great work life balance really means, and how we balance our passion for our work with the importance of it not taking over our lives.

But what stood out for us even more, are the relationships we have with our clients and candidates.  We asked whether our passion, commitment and genuine understanding of highly technical businesses were coming across online.  It won’t surprise you to hear that it wasn’t!

So, instead of creating a site based on our self-perception, we created it around what we’ve been told, which comes down to a few absolutely key words (all quotes provided by people we work for):

CANDOUR: “As a candidate working with Walker Lovell, you can expect frequent, clear and honest feedback throughout the process with staff who listen to your needs”.

CREATIVITY: “They actively seek to understand both the written and unwritten requirements for a perfect fit, including culture”

REASSURANCE: “Meghan takes the anxiety out of the process by giving timely updates and explaining in detail where each party is at.”

PASSION: “Recruiters often come across too “sales-minded” and do not always demonstrate an interest to get to know the candidate.  I suspect this is why Katie is so successful she puts her heart into her work.”

EMPATHY: I felt like you really took the time to understand me, my skills and experience and what motivates me. You boosted my confidence with your brilliant pep talks and helped me believe in myself. I can say with certainty that I would not be in this role without you, thank you!”

KNOWLEDGE: Klara has been an exceptional partner to us and the experience she delivers is similar to having your own in-house recruitment team.”

EXCELLENCE: Gemma is a pleasure to work with.  Her approach resulted in an excellent candidate being hired into the team at the right price point.”

Which, in short, is why we’ve relaunched. You’ll notice that every sector profile has been written by a member of our own team, so your relationship with us begins the moment you click this link.

From our perspective, we now have a site that reflects how proud we are to work here, including a series of articles that reflect the level of thinking going on here every day.  We are completely committed to getting recruitment just right, but Walker Lovell continues to be about more than just making professional connections. It’s about understanding, passion and perseverance.

As one client put it recently:

The experience I had during a hiring process with Walker Lovell was completely different from dozens of my previous experiences: I thought all hiring processes were inhuman and candidates were treated like numbers. Megan conducted the process with joy and professionalism and I can say that the journey I had was pleasant and enjoyable.”

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